April 28, 2008

Your Heart Out Assignment - JDawgs

If you live in Provo, you know about JDawgs. They have a simple menu, hot dog or polish dog. However the combos are almost unlimited and I recommend the "Rated R" dog. And beyond selling the most hotdogs/polish dogs in Provo, they also cater events which from what I've gathered, happens almost daily.

I've known the owner, Jayson, for a while as I shot his brother's wedding a long time ago, and he is married to my Heidi who is sisters to Kendra who is married to my friend Seth (did you follow that?). And if I did not know him enough already, he has also signed up to attend the Film is Not Dead workshop in Nov. Who knows, maybe one of the days of the workshop we'll be dining on the famous JDawg.

This shoot was for the great folks over at YourHeartOut.


I'm Natalie. said...

la la love. So. . . he's married to your friends wife's what now? Hmm.

allison said...

okay, so I've never said this before but I'm craving a hot dog.

shelly said...

I love JDawgs! Fun, great pictures!