April 28, 2008

Film vs. Digital vs. Digital vs. Film


Clearly I've had a lot of inquiries lately about the upcoming workshop Film is Not Dead. Many are from digital shooters wondering if the workshop is strictly film based. I want to discuss this briefly here to clarify. Even if you are a digital shooter with no intentions of switching to film, the workshop still can and will be highly beneficial to you. Both mediums are absolutely welcome and encouraged.

(insert Reading Rainbow voice)
But don't take my word for it! (/end Reading Rainbow voice)

You can check out these 2 testimonials from past attendees who did not shoot film once (GASP!) at the last workshop:

Ed Pingol
Natalie Norton

Yes, the workshop is called Film in Not Dead but it is about SO much more than that. It is about expanding your vision and showing you that film is not a dead medium. In fact my whole premise behind the workshop is to show that knowledge of film will help you expand your vision as a photographer in general. The bottom line? If you understand the ins and outs of film, your knowledge and skill in the digital world will be honed and polished as a direct result.

There are a few spots left for the 1st session (nov 3rd-6th). If you want to register please send me an email (jonathan[at]jonathancanlasphotography[dot]com) with the subject title "film is not dead".

Mahalo and happy shooting.

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EmilyPie said...

thought I'd delurk .. I love the whole concept of your workshop - even having never shot film (gasp! I know). I hope it is something you can continue (for my sake.. as this would make for a fabulous excuse to get back to HI!)