March 12, 2008

Moret Sur Loing - France

I don't speak French. I know nothing of France (I'm an polynesian island kind of guy).

However, this August I'll be hopping on a plane (direct flight thank you Delta) to Paris to go shoot a wedding in Moret Sur Loing. It is actually a Cambodian Tea Ceremony for a client who's wedding I am shooting in May at Rose Sach Gardens.

I had never heard of it so I wikipedia'd it and there are 2 sentences to describe the city. This is my favorite:

"Moret-sur-Loing is a picturesque city."


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Anonymous said...

Moret-Sur-Loing is a beautiful medieval village (population 4,500) about 50 miles SE of Paris, near where the Loing river joins the Seine. Its Gothic church is famous, but its true influence comes from being the subject matter for many paintings by Alfred Sisley, who lived here the last ten years of his life. The home of Clemenceau lies at the eastern end of the town, which is itself adjacent to the great forest and royal hunting grounds of Fontainebeau. Many of the town's buildings survive from medieval times.