February 2, 2008

I was on TV...

Today I was shooting at the SLC Temple for Emily and Chris' wedding. I got there literally at 12:20 for a ceremony that was going to start at 1:20. Why in the world did we get there so early? Well, at the same time the funeral for Gordon B. Hinckley was happening across the street so I assumed it was going to be PACKED with crazy traffic. Nope, there were more police than there were people. Anyway, There were camera crews everywhere covering Gordon B. Hinckley's funeral. Anyway, a camera crew came up to us and started interviewing our couple.

Well, look what I found.

(The screen shot they use for the video has me on the right\, then at seconds 42-44 has me rockin' my new favorite toy and me with the trusty F5. Then again at 1:30-36 you get graced by a great looking couple then slapped in the face with my fat head)

And to boot, not only was the wedding a blast but they had a photo booth there at the wedding that anyone and everyone could utilize. So, I took a turn, or 3.


Kate Benson said...

Wooohoo, the side shots of you guys are stunning in the video. That's cool. Jonathan, you're looking good!

Rebekah said...

Ha ha! You're hilarious. I love your "slapped in the face with my fat head comment."

I watched the clip. And I saw your "fat head." Congrats. Your head is now officially famous.