February 21, 2008

It finally came - Some Photos - Aaron Ruell

I met Aaron and his wife a couple years back at Sundance with my friend Seth. He was wearing a Lomography t-shirt if I recall as our conversation gravitated towards our beloved LC-A's (this was my second love behind my Holga). I've seen snippets of his work via Seth's recommendations since then and this month's issue of PDN sealed the deal for me with the article they did on him. I love his work, it is so fantastic. I love seeing someone with deliberate images and a clear vision and sense of style consistent through all the images.

Anyway, he has a book titled "some photos" and it is has been a bit hard to get your hands on (as it should be as there are only 2000 in print). Well, it finally came today and I must say it is completely exquisite.

So, if you are looking for a new coffee table book, go get yourself one HERE. You can see all of his work on his website HERE.

And if you are asking yourself, who is Aaron Ruell, you might remember him from THIS.

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