February 18, 2008

Flour Girls & Dough Boys - American Fork UT

My wife is an avid reader of the local blog Your Heart Out who features great local UT stores/bakeries/artist etc.

My wife contacted them about featuring her (mine too) favorite little local shop called Flour Girls & Dough Boys (no website to be found!). So we headed over to grab some sweets and brought my camera along as well. They were very nice in letting me go in the back and take shots of the huge oven they have and the owner, Carol Coppins.

As you can see, they make all kinds of breads, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, panini sandwiches etc. I kid you not, it is to die for. The fact that they have free wi-fi in the little town of American Fork is pretty cool too.

If you are in American Fork, if you are in Salt Lake, if you are in St. George, hop in the car and head over for some of the tastiest food I've found in this state.

Flour Girls & Dough Boys
35 North Barrett Avenue
American Fork UT 84003


JaNae said...

They also set up a booth at the Thanksgiving Point Farmers Market. That's where I found them and their scrumptious sourdough- yummm

Hannah Stevenson said...

My VT companion works there...she is from France and let's just say this woman makes a mean chocolate center croissant!

ryanbyrd said...

the wait is long, but the shortbread cookies are fabulous. Great pictures, by the way.

my flour girls & dough boys review

Jason Russell said...

I will probably try it out soon, but I have my doubts that it can compete with Gourmandise in Salt Lake City (250 S 300 E).

Tiramisu? Tarts? Napoleons?

Jonathan Canlas said...

it blows gourmandise out of the water and it has none of the pretentiousness nor snotty waiters...don't even ask about the last time i went there.

Jason Russell said...

I'll admit that the bread (asiago cheese) is really good. But, this place is just a bakery. It's not your typical European p√Ętisserie. When I go to Gourmandise, I feel like I'm back in Germany. At Flour Girls and Dough Boys, it felt like I was in...America.

Never thought Gourmandise was pretentious. Only delicious.

Anonymous said...

They recently set up a website, http://flourgirlsdoughboys.com/. They are absolutely delightful! Truly one of my favorite places to be in Utah. You're so right, their chocolate croissant is to DIE FOR. Love the wonderful photos you took of them, really captured the atmosphere beautifully.