January 4, 2008

Test Roll #1 - Contax 645

I would say the test roll was completely sucessful. 32 frames in under 10 minutes just to make sure my new camera is all in working order.

After these test results, it has been decided this is the one and only camera accompanying me to Argentina.

The glass on these lenses are phenomenal. These shots are straight out of camera. The only PS done was to clean for dust on the scans.

Film is not dead.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon! It's Tanja Lippert from Tanja Lippert Photography..anyhow, we spoke a while back, if you remember. I just wanted to comment on your Contax test...I just picked one up about 6 months ago and have to tell you how IN LOVE I am will this camera..it's THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see more results...love your work.


Roya said...

Oh my gosh - Lulu is the cutest baby - ever!! (And I have 3 gorgeous girls!)