January 25, 2008

Recoleta Cemetery #4


kristinbednarz said...

simplicity at it's best is always beautiful.

lovely stuff, Jonathan.

bethanyjackmanphotography said...

hey jonathan canlas! :) I have shown up in your email inbox once or twice, months ago, just asking for some advice, whatnot. (still a photo newbie here.) I have always enjoyed your blog. i have especially enjoyed these pictures of argentina and uruguay since my little sister just got her mission call to Buenos Aires South. She leaves in February, so I told her to check out these pics, and it's so neat for her to get this very beautiful sneak peak of what the mission area might be like. What mission did your wife serve? Was it incredible for her? I'm sure it was awesome. As I'm sure this trip was!! Thank you for sharing.

Susan said...

how are you so good? seriously? these are luscious!