January 24, 2008

Recoleta Cemetery #3

This last shot was scary. I was walking around the cemetery and in one corner on the vaults was open but it was not a vault. It was a huge building. I went inside and it was DARK and smelled of, well, death. There was a spiral staircase that went down. Of course curiosity got the best of me and I went down. How dark was it? Not to get to geeky on you but 400ISO f/2 @ 15th of a second. The only light in there was filtering through the glass above which was the pathway people were walking on above. I got creeped out and did not brave going down one more flight into what was complete darkness.


irene said...

Wow!!!!...I loved all the shots!!!!...I love Argentina and I didn't know you could speak spanish!!!!:)

Jonathan Canlas said...

Man, I've duped you all. I can't speak Spanish to save my life. My wife is fluent/can get by depending on who you ask. I took Spanish for 4 year in Jr High and High School with straight D's. Then I went to Hawaii and took Japanese and got straight A's. Regardless, I can understand some Spanish but to say I can speak it is a flat out misconception.

Most of my Spanish was picked up from the movie "Traffic"...regrettably.