January 16, 2008

Published Again (part II)!

I got home late last night from 24 hours of being on a plane back from Argentina. There was a ton of mail to sift through and I wanted to share the best package I got with you.

I received a copy of Latter Day Bride magazine which has a 6 page spread of my photos inside. I worked with Colby Su from C-3 Design on a shoot about details etc. Along with that magazine, she also sent me the most recent copy of OK magazine with the wedding I almost shot on the cover.

Much thanks to Colby Su from C-3 Design. If she had not sent me the first magazine, I would have never known about it. Did I mention there is like a 6 page spread!

If you are in need of a designer/wedding planner/announcements (you name it, she does it) check out C-3 Design.

(sorry if the images don't look all that great...I scanned them in on my flatbed scanner)


Jessica said...

Congrats Jon!!

camille said...

I love that shot of the shoes. Perfect. 24 hours on the plane! I bet you're glad it wasn't with kids.

Rebekah said...

I saw the spread in Latter Day Bride magazine!! It was amazing! Good for you!

And what??? You almost shot Katherine Heigl's wedding?! Dang, that would've been awesome!

Who ended up shooting it?