January 4, 2008

Megan & Michael - 12.20.2007 - Salt Lake City

It may look warm but it was FREEZING. And the roads were so bad that night. I was 30 minutes late to the reception and almost one of the first people to get there. Looking at that Christmas tree makes it seem so far away...


masterbrand said...

Looks like a great wedding Jon I love the set up shots of the Temple the sad little girl and the of course David Perry.

C3 design said...

Maybe it's the sentimental "oh Christmas is over" mood I'm in today, or maybe it's just how AMAZING YOUR PHOTOS are, but I have to say this is one of your best yet. (Of course we all now it's your photos ;)

What isn't there to love in this collection? The reflecting pool with the temple in it, the shot of the beehive gate, the family in the arch (Love the old guy in the beret) The glowing room with the mirror above the fireplace, and of course the Christmas tree. Is there anything you shoot that doesn't look even better then in real life?!

Thanks so much for sharing these!