December 23, 2007

PDN Top Knots 2008 - Portrait Submission

PDN is having its annual Top Knots contest. I've subscribed to this magazine since 2000 after one of my instructors in college told me "no respecting working photographer does not have a subscription to PDN".

I've always thought about entering but the deadline would always come up too soon and blah, blah, blah.

Well, this year, with so many great weddings (it was hard to narrow down the selection) I entered, and I entered a bunch.

There are 6 categories and these are my submissions.


1. Angela & Dan in the Dominican Republic 3.23.2007

2. Danny & Afton in SLC 9.8.2007

3. Jamie & Matthew in Sun Valley ID 8.11.2007

4. Sydney & Jordan in American Fork UT 9.21.2007

The winners of the contest will be announced sometime in Jan. If any of these images get chosen for publication, the bride and groom will receive a 16x20 or 16x16 canvas print of the image. Fingers crossed.

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