November 30, 2007

Wiley Home

So, I photographed the Wiley family on Tuesday. The Wiley's live in Provo over near Seven Peaks. Their house sticks out like sore thumb, but in a really good way. Like if that sore thumb was made of gold, all glittery and made crying babies smile. It is such a cool house and is so unique for the area (it belongs in CA or some really cool East Coast town). When I walked in, it was like being in a store, no a catalog. So, like always I was about 20 minutes early and no one was ready so I started to just shoot, no people, just the house. I did not walk around too much but this is what I got. And to me, it is straight out of the Pottery Barn catalog.


Lucky Red Hen said...

Cool decor! Should be in a magazine!

Mark said...

My house will look like that after the kids have moved out.

Yeah. Right.

jayme said...

ohhh I love that house!! How do they keep it that way with two kids, mine is a wreck all the time. Great shots Jonathan!!