November 13, 2007

The Knot - Best of 2008 Weddings

Do you remember Lauren & Shane's wedding back in early March of this year? The one with all those killer details out at that home out in Potomac MD? It was a great celebration with an amazing get away car.

Anyway, I was informed that there are a handful of images from that wedding that have been chosen to be published in next year's issue of The Knot - Best of 2008.

Congratulations to Lauren for having such a cool wedding and to the folks over a Fourth Day Design who did a lot of the cards you see.


Lyndee said...

I was just wondering if you spend a lot of time editing or if you take your pictures straight out of camera? I know you shoot film and I was also wondering how you get all your pictures on the computer, do you scan them all or does your lab make a digital copy for you? Sorry to pester you with questions. I'm trying to be a new photographer and looking for advice. :) Thanks!

Lyndee said...

oh- and congratulations! That's awesome!

Jonathan Canlas said...

Not a lot of time editing. Most of what you see here is straight out of camera with maybe 10-15 seconds per image to edit IF THAT.

All film gets sent to Snelson in Springville UT ( where they dip and dunk (develope) the film. It then gets sent to my assistant Leo where it is scanned on our own Fuji Frontier. The exact same machine Snelson has. We cut out the middle man and have WAY better quality control over the scan/color etc of all of our images.

Anyone shooting film needs their own scanner. Otherwise you are relying on someone else to come up with your color/density/contrast etc.

Lyndee said...


Mikael & Senja said...

jonathan, you are truly my favourite (wedding) photographer. i got so many ideas for my own wedding from looking at your photos. i just love your colors and eye.
it was about time i said that.
congrats on the knot!