November 11, 2007

Guess where I was this weekend...

I had a last minute wedding on Saturday (they booked me on Monday) down in St. George UT. If any of you don't know where St. George is, it is about 4 hours south of Salt Lake City and about an hour away from Vegas on I-15. 70+ degree weather and kids selling lemonade on the side of the road in the middle of November. I could live there during the winter but the 115+ degree weather during the summer would kill me, literally. We turned it into a little family trip along with my brother and sister in law. The ladies hit up the outlets in Vegas as Micah and I went to the wedding. The reception was out at a place called Stahlie Farms in Washington, UT. Amazing place with a bull that had horns longer than my wingspan (pictures to follow). After much shopping and Wii parties, we got back into town a couple hours ago and where greeted by normal Nov. weather, cold and rainy.

Tomorrow bright and early I am off to a Birth Story for the Covey Family. Those picts will probably be up by Friday.

(P.S. these shots are from a wedding I shot last August down in St. George. They will be replaced with newer cooler one when I get the film back later this week.)

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