November 1, 2007

Dee Davis - Chico CA


Aimee said...

These are so beautiful. I always love your aging friends pictures. The hand one and him holding up the picture of his wedding are my favorite..... I'm assuming it was his wedding picture. Just a guess. Maybe I'm wrong??

Regardless, you capture details better than anyone I've seen.

Never a regret about using your for our wedding. Thanks again!

Jonathan Canlas said...

Hey Aimee! Hope married life is treating you guys well.

It is his wedding picture. This is my wife's Grandfather who lives in Yuba City CA. I was out there a couple weeks back for a wedding in Chico which is like 30 miles away from Yuba City.

Anyway, I dropped in with Leo to chat a bit and saw his wedding pictures (which are still in the folios they were presented to him in years ago) and started staring at it. It looked really familiar the I asked him where the photo was taken.

He said in Utah...


He then started to describe this place that is now MEMORY GROVE and at the Memorial House.

Unbelievable. I have taken photos right where he is standing with his wife dozens of times and I had no idea that is where the wedding took place.

Completely awesome.

Our daughter Ila is named after the bride in the photo.


Wow, these are really beautiful. Great work :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful, and love the story behind it. I was going to say that the one with the wedding photo is my favorite too. Something about his hands says so much. Back when my grandparents got married, they were really poor, so some dude from their ward offered to "photograph" the wedding for them. They got married in the St. George Temple. Cool right? Well, unfortunately the idiot forgot to put film in the camera. So wishing I had something like this of my grandparents. Treasure those photos forever! Totally rad.