November 6, 2007

Chico CA

I don't know what it is, but there is something magical about northern CA. I was out there for a wedding on the 19th of Oct and spent the next day just driving around and stopping every 5 minutes on the 99 to jump out and take pictures. A PCH cop even stopped me to find out what I was doing on the side of the road near the plethora of orchards there with cameras and was probably the nicest/politest policeman I have ever dealt with.


Angela Fielding Photography said...

I just read your comments on the BF stop. That's so cool you use film. I just switched last Jan from my Mamiya 645 pro tl to Can 5D. I am struggling for the same colors like everybody says. You mentioned a scanner. I need to scan my neg for my new website too. Do you like the scanner that you have? Love your work!I see your from Utah. I live in springville.

Dann said...

Oh were in Chico? Dang, I had some great times with Jamie there when she was finishing up at Chico State. Northern California beats Southern California hands down.