August 23, 2007

Why I heart San Francisco

I know, I know, I post so much about this wonderful city. You've heard enough, right?

Let me tell you why it is so wonderful.

I was on the Pier getting crepes burning time before we had to catch the flight back to SLC. We were watching them make them in lightning speed through the window. I had my Twin Lens Reflex camera with me like I always do. It has no neck strap. I hold on to that camera so hard my fingers sometimes get white. Anyway, after we had ordered our crepes, we were sitting there and I realized I was clenching something really hard but it was not my camera. It was the utensils and napkins they had handed me while we waited for the order. I go outside to the window ledge and my heart sinks. The camera is gone. Totally gone. It felt like a movie. I was searching the crowds of people (there were a TON as it was a Sunday on the Pier) hoping to see someone running off with the camera in their hands. Nothing. I get over it. I had just reloaded film into it so at most I lost a couple frames and a camera I love dearly but could replace for less than $150 (no joke). Anyway, I go back in the store and this little girl comes in and says they found a really "expensive" camera and had turned it into the sunglass hut a little ways down and had called security. I asked her, did it look like this? She said yes. We run down there and there it is behind the counter. What are the odds that in a HUGE city like San Francisco someone would stumble upon a camera and then take it down half a block and turn it into security? Unbelievable. I begged them to give me some kind of contact info. I had run out of cards. They declined. I can't believe I let them walk away without getting any contact info from them.

So, to the kind family and little girl who found my precious Yashica, I say from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Karma, something grand will happen to them very soon. I truly believe that.

I heart San Francisco.

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Erin said...

that's awesome jon! it's nice to hear a story about people being kind and doing the right thing for a change. it seems like all we ever hear is the bad stuff...