August 21, 2007

So, do you do this?

I've been busy to say the least. All this traveling has finally come to an end. I am officially in the state of UT for the next month and a half without any interruptions.

At several of my last weddings in CA and in UT I've had a lot of people ask me if I do certain types of photography. Do you do this, do you do that. Allow me to answer your questions...

Do you do senior portraits? Yes.
Do you do babies/newborns? Yes.
Do you do birth stories? Yes.
Do you do corporate events/commercial work? Yes.
Do you do head shots? Yes.
Do you do small families? Yes.
Do you shoot bands? Yes. Yes. & Yes.
Do you maternity shots? Yes.

What won't I shoot? Nudes/boudoir or trashing a dress. I just won't shoot it. I'll gladly recommend you to someone who is uber talented to do so in my place.

So, if you are wondering if I do a certain type of photography, as long as its not the 2 things mentioned above, the answer is yes.

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