July 21, 2007

Nigel Anderson

I landed this afternoon in Salt Lake City at 3:30pm from Katy & Ian's wedding in Newport Beach/Laguna Niguel. Callie picked me up with the kids and informed me her sister, Camille, was at the American Fork Hospital in labor 6 weeks early.

Fast forward one movie on the laptop, family coming and going, a family dinner in Camille's room of "heart attack in a sack" Carl's Jr...and we have a healthy little boy on our hands.

11:01 pm
5lbs 5oz
18.5 inches
full head of black hair.

Nigel Brit/Dracula/Bradley (yeah, seriously, they are contemplating Dracula) Anderson.

8 rolls of film. Birth story to follow.

Congrats Micah & Camille!

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