June 15, 2007

The next 3 weeks...

A little timeline...

15th 9:25pm fly to Oakland
16th shoot wedding in Oakland/Hayward
17th land in SLC at 11am and have Father's Day
18th Lulu Briggs scheduled c-section at 8am
19-21st engagements/bridals/consultations
22nd leave for DC
23rd shoot wedding in DC
24th fly home
25-30th engagements/bridals/cusultations
July 1st fly with my whole family (my wife, me, my mom, Isaac, Ila, Ruby & Lulu) to St. Louis (I feel sorry for anyone who has to sit next to us)
5th fly back with everyone (direct flights both ways)
6th engagements/bridals
7th fly to LA for Decemberists/Band of Horses/Andrew Bird show at the Hollywood Bowl

Its going to be fun times...


Kate Benson said...

Have a good time... and remember BREATHE.

Rebekah said...

Sounds exhausting!!

Jonathan Canlas said...

quite the contrary. i really believe the next 3 weeks are going to be the best 3 weeks yet.

lulu briggs being born on monday.

get to go to dc and oakland for a wedding which should be fantastic (it always is).

family reunion of sorts in my old stomping grounds in st. louis.

the fair st. louis which is like the 2nd largest 4th of july celebration in the nation.

band of horses in la with my brother and sister in law. and apparently the la philharmonic is backing the decemberists in their show.

oh, and i just found out i am doing the promotional images for another feature film (same people who did big dreams little tokyo) which has james kyson lee (of heroes), ken watanabe (of letters from iwojima) and some other people i don't know yet but will after the shoot.

the next 3 weeks are going to be absolutely amazing.