May 24, 2007

Northern Cal

I love this place. The wedding is tomorrow at the Oakland Temple and then a reception on Treasure Island. I am staying at this place right down town in San Fran off Bush and Stockton.

Just got back from the Metreon and saw the movie "Waitress" and I am almost convinced we are going to name our daughter Lulu Briggs now (a name we were going to use before but went with Ruby Leilani instead). If you have not seen this movie, go check it out.

Today I finally booked a wedding in San Diego. I was there 6 times last year for weddings and this year nothing, until now.

I heart California and its many weddings.

I'm off to go meet up with Mark Warren and have some dinner. I posted about him a while back.


Kate Benson said...

My brother named their daughter Lulu, well actually Lucia Louise, but she's known as Lulu... great name!

ed pingol said...

how was the wedding, brotha from another motha?