May 6, 2007

Cinco De Mayo

As we were driving from the Oakland Airport to the temple, there were all these people in the street, police barricades, taco stands, and Mexican flags everywhere. We had no idea what it was until it dawned on us, "oh yeah, today is Sinco De Mayo".

I shot a wedding at the Oakland Temple with a reception/ring ceremony to follow in BEAUTIFUL Palo Alto.

A good/new friend of mine and his wife came along for the wedding too. Ed Pingol shoots some pretty cool weddings in NorCal/Bay Area where he is located. He had not experienced a "Mormon" wedding before so he and his wife came along for the ride. They chose the perfect wedding to come to, no joke.

Yeah, 4 of us shooting 1 wedding. It was nuts. I've had 3 before for a huge wedding out in DC but 4 of us. Totally nuts.

Anyway, top 5 of the Oakland/Palo Alto trip:

1. Driving by on the 580 and realizing luckily we missed the part that burned and collapsed in a fire and got on by one exit.
2. Checking into the hotel and reading a sign about the dangers of leaving things in your car. Then asking the hotel attendant if its dangerous here and she replied "its Alameda, nothing happens here".
3. After the reception, going to the local sushi place for dinner near Stanford and having disco lights go on all of the sudden as this table of 15 college students stand on their chairs to do sake bombs.
4. The weather. 70 degrees. I have pink cheeks and I now have a farmers tan.
5. Ed and his wife, probably some of the most chill people I know. And Ed's mom being from the province of Pompanga where my dad's family is from (Ed's Filipino like me) which means I am pretty sure somehow we are cousins.


Anonymous said...

I've been to that sushi place by Stanford...I don't even like sushi...but who doesn't like disco lights?!
I'm sending you some cards soon...peace out,
Michelle Evans

ed pingol said...

that wedding was super cool. thanks for showing us the morman world, yummy sushi, go go gps and your hospitality.

and you're right... there has to be some sort relation there somewhere.