May 13, 2007

Carlene + St. Augustine

Thank you South Provo.
Thank you Kodak for making E200 film.
Thank you Colin for coming and assisting.
Thank you Augustine for having such a sweet ride and being in the right place at the right time.


Salty Paws Photography said... refreshing to see a Senior with a sense of self and style...and with fun style at that. I get so tired of seeing kids/teens following all the lastest trends to be cool....and oh my lord....all those girls dressed like the bratz dolls!...nope this girl looks like she has it all figured out:)

Jonathan Canlas said...

"this girl looks like she has it all figured out"...

you have no idea. this is my wife's sister. she is WAY beyond her years.

the whole idea behind the shoot was to kind of do the anti-senior thing. you know, the typical fold your arms, put your hands in your pockets and look at me all cool/sultry etc. totally not my style (which is probably why I don't do these much).

the only shot on here that looks kind of like a senior portrait (at least to me) is image number 2...

thanks for the kind words mrs salty paws.