April 1, 2007

Bavaro Princess

Google Bavaro Princess and see if you can find their main site let alone images of the resort. The only thing I can ever find is a picture of the beach. Anyway, these are images of the all inclusive resort we stayed at and where the wedding was, the Bavaro Princess in Punta Cana. The last shot is included because of the fire extinguisher image. 2 days before we got to the resort, 3 of the 7 restaurants burned to the ground. No joke. Buildings made of tea leaves and faulty electrical wiring seem to make for a bad combination.


Clairissa said...

Now wait a second....HOW did you get that peacock picture. Seriously? There was a peacock standing there, feathers out and everything?? You gotta be kidding me!

Jonathan Canlas said...

Ok, here's the story on the peacock. I saw a handful of them on the resort. The males were always trying to mate with the females and when they do that, they put the feathers out and face it directly at the female and then make this vibration like a humming noise. I got pretty close to one of them. He put his feathers down and just stared at me. I was going to walk away but I decided to stay and just stand there. I crouched down and then all of the sudden he put up his feathers and made that noise at me.

I think he was trying to mate with me...no joke.

Jonathan Canlas said...

for those who might care, here is the technical info for this wedding:

everything except the formals of the bride and groom and family formals on the beach were shot on Nikon f5 bodies. 50mm 1.4, 20mm 1.8, 70-200 2.8 though the majority of everything is shot on the 50mm. formals on a Bronica ETRSi with a plethora of 220 backs and the 75mm 2.8 lens. a holga and a yashica mat 124-g twin lens reflex camera for the square bw.

film was all kodak. 400uc for 35mm color. 400vc for 220 medium format color. e200 cross processed in 35mm and 120. bw400cn for the majority of the bw work and a roll of tmz 3200 true bw film, normal developing.

TSimpson said...

So many beautiful and amazing images, my eyes are having a hard time taking it all in. You are full of talent. Wow! Thanks for sharing.

Clairissa said...

Wow...so you carry on all of that equipment with you on the plane? That's quite a load! But so worth it when the end result is all of this!

Jonathan Canlas said...

This is what is in the bags.

Bag (1) Medium Format:
ETRSI Body with AE-III prism, 75mm PE lens, 220 back x 5, 120 back x 1, panoramic back x1 (it takes 35mm film and prints 4x9 format). SB-80, Stroboframe with SC something cord, lens shade, 30mm PE fisheye lens, 40mm MC lens, Yashica MAT 124-G, +1, +2, +3 filters for the Yashica and a +3 62mm thread for the 75mm. Sekonic L-508. 20 rolls of Kodak Portra 400vc, 10 rolls of BW400CN, 5 rolls of E200. batteries.

Bag (2) 35mm:
(2) F5 Nikon Bodies, 50mm 1.4, 20mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8, 70-200 2.8, 20 rolls of Kodak 400uc, 20 rolls of BW400CN, 8 rolls of Kodak TMZ 3200, 8 rolls of Kodak E200, Fong Dong, Sb-800, Stroboframe with SC something cord, extra rechargeable batteries.

It probably weighs about 75 pounds over the 2 bags. Its not light, but its totally needed.

Jill said...

Those images are FANTASTIC. My fave is the single green leaf, wow!

Jonathan Canlas said...

Thanks Jill! Its actually the shadow of a leaf and its green because I cross processed some slide film. In the shadows it goes way green but in broad daylight you get these amazingly crazy colors.