March 11, 2007


Which if you translate from Japanese to English, means, "I'm Home!!!".

It was a great wedding/trip/adventure get away.

All I can say is, I have no idea how I ever survived out of state weddings with out my Garmin GPS. Honestly. Driving late at night, pitch black and trying to go off the car light to read a Google map that is inevitably wrong? No more. I have my Garmin programed to speak with a British accent and I believe her name is Jane. Half way through, we switched to American Jack but, I think I'll revert back. Neither ever failed me and each got me there without fail.

Thanks to the wonderful thing called day light savings I am beyond tired. We got up at the equivalent of 2:30 am (without the day light savings) UT time to catch our plane this morning. So, we woke up at 5:30 DC time which was actually 3:30 UT time and take away the day light savings...yeah, a whopping 2:30am.

Then of course with Murphy's Law, a toddler sits behind me screaming and kicking my chair the whole flight home. Fun times.

This wedding looked straight out of Martha Stewart/Grace Ormond/etc. And I shot a ton. It was at the DC temple, a rehearsal dinner at the house next door to the bride's home in Potomac, and a luncheon/reception after the temple ceremony at the bride's home (which apparently you can see in next month's issue of Better Homes and Gardens, yeah, it was amazing).

They had tons of really cool signs and cards made up by Seraph (the guys who designed the new site which should launch maybe this week!!!).

Obviously, I have no photos to show as all the rolls (and there are copious amounts of them) will all get bagged up and shipped off to the printers tomorrow.

Its good to be home.

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