March 20, 2007

Rebecca + Carlos

I'm completely packed and just waiting to get in the car up to the airport. I am not really sure how much internet access there is going to be down there but I am assuming the worse. I wanted to get this up before I leave.


Again, I am going to be in the Dominican Republic until the 26th for a wedding. If you need to reach me please email me at Jonathan at Jonathan Canlas Photography dot com (I'm not spelling it out as I don't want more spam than I already get).


threewinks said...

Love these of Rebecca! I just ran into her last weekend actually, so it's awesome to see these. Can't wait to see her bridals and all the wedding pics :)

nhsphoto said...

i heart rebecca! she is so cute. love these shots.

Jonathan Canlas said...

Rebeca, you so made it to the new site!