March 9, 2007

Hola from the nation's capital.

Its 10pm, well, 8pm my time.

Just got back from the rehersal dinner at the Pratt home in Potomac, which if you have not been out in this neck of the woods, its pretty mind-blowing. Its been one full day of shooting. First, family portraits in the morning, then a bridal/couple shoot at the temple and then off to the monuments (they got married in Dec and hated their photog, and that photog was not me, so I "reshot" their couple shots). Traffic is insane here along with some people who are allowed to drive. I thought UT drivers were crazy, nope, they are just slow.

Highlight of the day? Cherry Italian Ice and some of the meanest carne asada soft tacos ever.

I heart Washington DC and 3200 speed film.

More later. And if my wife and kids are reading this, I love and miss you.


Terese said...

Hey I may have driven past you on 495! I was near the temple today in our lovely nation's capital. I'm glad you're here for this awesome weather! Can't wait to see the pics!

a housewife but not so desperate said...

we love you too...hurry home babe :)

Kim said...

Jonathan, you photographed my friend's wedding last year. AMAZING stuff that you do. I just discovered that you had a blog. I love your work. I am just blown away. I had my first ever wedding shoot you guys do these weddings is beyond me. You are perfection. Thank you for beind such an amazing inspiration for me, and so many of your fellow photographers. Can't wait to see a few from D.C.!

Erin said...

and you didn't look me up while you were here??? shame!

Jonathan Canlas said...

I wish I had time to even breathe! It was just constant shooting and driving from one hotel to the next.

However, we did manage to find time to go see the movie "300" which both me and Leo summed up as, well, "silly".

I'll be back out in June, the weekend of the 23rd to be exact and who knows, I might book another date or 2 out there...

I even missed your opening and I was literally maybe a half hour time there will be a cushion of time, to actually be able to take in some of the city. You are so lucky to live in such a cool place.