March 28, 2007


Besides photography and my family, music consumes my life. I credit my music to a lot of the inspiration I get on what and how to see the things around me. It may sound silly or strange but it turns on a switch in my brain and that switch is what allows creativity from wherever into my brain.

I've been sitting in front of my screen all day getting images ready for the new website. I have it all finally finished.

Hours and hours with iTunes blasting in the background.

Here are my top 4 songs listened to:

Digital Love - Daft Punk
Track 15 off Girl Talk's Night Ripper
Denton TX - Damien JuradoDay Five - Explosions in the Sky
Red Eye - Album Leaf

I just can't get enough of the hits.

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Ashley said...

I recognize the Daft Punk and Explosions song. Going to check out the others! A song about Denton Tx? That's where I am! That Track 15 is cool. I love sampling. Send me some suggestions.

Here's what I'm currently listenig to: