February 8, 2007


With last night's booking in Sacramento/Chico CA, I now have 6 weddings on the books in August. Not one of them is in UT. 5 are in Northern CA ( all within like 2 hours of each other) and 1 of them in Sun Valley ID.

What does this equate to? I travel, A LOT. As you have probably seen from previous posts, when I travel, I shoot what is around me.

These images make my shoulders hurt. The first thing I do when I get to the airport is make an a line for the carts. I hate having layovers in Phoenix as they won't allow the carts in the terminals. These carts reminds me of the 2 insanely heavy camera bags I lug around to each destination. And as far as these phones go, why are they even there? No one ever uses them as EVERYONE has at least a cell phone or blackberry. And as you can tell from the flight status shot, I usually fly really early in the morning or around a time that no one else flies.

And PS, I always fly Southwest, when I can. Don't even ask how many rapid rewards points I earn in a year. Lets just say they send me emails they don't send to normal SW passengers.

I think this month (Feb) is the only month this year I won't be leaving the Beehive state for a wedding or some other personal project. And guess what? It was like 62 degrees yesterday.


kristinbednarz said...

Hey, Jonathan.

I feel your pain! The majority of my weddings this year are travel, travel, travel!

You make due, and yes...SW Air is the best! Hey...whay all the heavy bags though? I check everything except the cameras.

Happy shooting!

Jonathan Canlas said...

I think the reason for all the heavy bags is I always travel with 2 of EVERYTHING. And, its all film, so on top of the camera bags, I have enough film to shoot 3x of whatever I am there for, just in case. I always overpack and I'm always early. I way overcautious...