February 12, 2007

Thank you Thomas

I never thought I'd say this. But thank you Thomas the Train.

My son, Isaac, like most 3 year old boys his age, is in absolute love with Thomas the Train.

We took him to the "Day out with Thomas" in Heber and it was kind of masochistic. Its great and all when you get there. He, along with all the other kids with stars in their eyes, goes running from tent to tent, playing with Thomas etc all the while screaming in pure bliss. You even get to ride on a train that has a Thomas head on the front.

Now leaving, that is the masochistic part. Isaac was not alone in his flailing and screaming when it came to leave. None of those kids wanted to leave.

Anyway, why am I thankful for Thomas? Well, my wife and I are trying with all our might to potty-train Isaac. There is a train called a "Chinese Dragon". The deal was, he could get that train if he pooped in the "big boy" toilet. He has wanted that train sooo bad and asked and asked but he knew the deal, no poop, no train.

I am pleased to announce, I just got back from the "circle store" (Target) as Isaac calls it with the Chinese Dragon.

Thank you Thomas, thank you.

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