February 3, 2007

One Light

A colleague of mine, Zack Arias, who is an amazing music/wedding photographer down in the ATL, is doing a workshop here in SLC on March 20th-21st. The shot above is not even a dent into how cool his stuff is. The workshop is called One Light and he's doing a US tour so you have several times to attend.

I tried to go to the one he hosted in Denver as it was the closest he had come to the great Beehive State and could not make it. And now, I can't make it to the one he's doing here in my own state due to the fact I am flying out to the Dominican Republic for a wedding on the 24th of March (passports are in and the light is sooo green).

Anyway, I have worked it out to finally get to one out in Oakland the 19th and 20th of April. Funny thing is I will actually be in Oakland/Monterey the 13th-15th for a wedding out there. Go shoot it, fly home, fly back out. Its going to be so worth every penny and minute spent on a plane crunched in between whoever the other largest person is going to be on the plane (just my luck).

If you are going to be in the state of UT, are a photographer here in UT, I would HIGHLY recommend going to this workshop. Just for the sole case to meet Zack. I believe Davina Fear is the one hosting the workshop. Just check out the One Light Workshop site for details.

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