February 15, 2007

I just figured out what it was...

So a couple weeks back, well, Feb 6th to be exact, I was sitting in my office editing images (I run everything from our home) and all of the sudden our house SHOOK. There was this big BANG and I mean, it felt like someone had run into the house with a car. I jumped up immediately and ran outside. Circled the whole house, twice. Nothing. My wife came out too wondering what in the world happened. It happened a second time but not as bad and I was standing in the garage when the second "bang" happened.

Way strange.

As crazy as this sounds, I am positive we figured out what it was. It was THIS.

The explosion traveled along the railroad tracks which are down in the gulley behind our house and totally shook the whole house.


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Kate Benson said...

Yeah crazy! My sister lives just down the street from them and she must have been in la la land cause she didn't hear or feel a thing... all the neighbors thought she was nuts. SO sad.