February 17, 2007


Growing up in St Louis, every fall my family would head out to Eckert's Orchards and pick what seemed to be hundreds of pounds of apples. We'd all pile in dad's red station wagon (I always remember sitting in the back back). My brother and I would fling rotten ones that fell on the ground at each other, ride the tractors to each field of types of apples, and then get a funnel cake. On the ride home, we'd eat apples until you got sick. Good times.

I have taken my family back to St. Louis almost every 4th of July. We always attempt to make it out to Eckert's. Upon which we have found, they don't sell funnel cake, apples are never in season, and the tractors seem so small now.

We are still planning on going out for the 4th of July. Unless someone has the bright idea to get married on the 4th of July.