January 18, 2007

Travel back with me...back to 2006.

To the distant date of, oh say, Dec 9th 2006.

I was in Park City with my assistant shooting this wedding. They got married in a small church on the top of main street in Park City with a reception that night up at Deer Valley. Amy, the bride who works for the magazine W, was soooo easy to work with. As you can tell from the picts, she is super animated. Santa showed up too. Go figure.

I leave for Vegas tommorrow for Andrea & Tanner's wedding. I hear its not much colder than it is here. Fun times.

Speaking of travel, there are 3 months this year (including this month) where all the weddings booked in each month are out of state. Where to? Sun Valley ID, Oakland, DC, the Dominican Republic and Carmel CA to name a few. Hello frequent flyer miles.


Rebekah said...

Gorgeous images!! Lucky you on all of your desination weddings. Dominican Republic....SWEET!!

Westonf64 said...

Its kind of crazy. I mean between now and the end of April I have 1 wedding in UT. The rest are all over the place. But I assume the local ones will start coming in soon enough. I shot 70 last year and hope to only shoot around 45-52 this year but we'll see right?

Thanks for the comments!