January 18, 2007


Another wedding I shot has been featured on UtahBrideandGroom.com! This wedding was one of my favorites from last year just because it was totally not your run of the mill Utah wedding (not that there is anything wrong with your run of the mill UT weddings...). They had custome made Chuck Taylors with the wedding date on them made for the wedding. How cool is that? Anyway, it's the wedding of Branden & Spike at Millenial Falls. He was refferred to me by my friend friend of mine who I went through the photo program with at BYU, Seth Smoot. Branden used to be the drummer for a band called the Used from Orem who was pretty big on the MTV scene around late 05 early 06. He is now the drummer for Rancid (remember that band?) and is currently on tour in Japan. Anyway, you can view the wedding HERE

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