January 27, 2007

The happiest place on earth...

We pulled in about 11pm last nigh from being in sunny CA for the last 5 days. I took my family to Oceanside, which is about 25 minutes north of San Diego. We hit the San Diego Zoo, Seaworld and Disneyland. Disneyland was insane. It took over 1.5 hours just to get in from where we parked. And by the time we got in, the kids were on full melt down. And to boot, they were deathly afraid of the characters there. Needless to say, they went home happy after getting a set of Mickey ears and some Cars.

Anyway, here are some of Engagements of Lauren and Shane who are getting married in DC this March. If it looks like it was cold, it was. No, it was FREEZING during this shoot.

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